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Aliya from Kazakhstan

Hola Teresa, sorry for late reply, at home I'm so relaxed and slow) In general, I really enjoyed my internship. But, food for stuff in Golf Plaza could be better. Everything else - I told...

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Masha from The Netherlands

Likes and dislikes about the company i worked at : Likes - very friendly staff - always ready to help if help is needed - possibility to stay at the hotel is very good - the pocket mo...

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Phaedra from Belgium

I am really good, Yes I miss Tenerife a loooooot! It was a beautiful experience to never forget. The island, the people, the hotel, the job,... everything was perfect! About Iberostar I have any...

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Clara from France

Hello Teresa ! Yes, I sometimes miss Tenerife but I'm also glad to be back home ! Tenerife Job training especially helped me to meet new friend. It was the case with 2 french girls (Lisa and Op...

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Dorine from France

So I liked the experience, it was amazing and one of the best in my life. Playa Hotel is very nice, there is inside a really good atmosphere between people, it's like a family! And more guests are rea...

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Ann from Ireland

3 Weeks is far too short for a meaningful internship. However I am aware my college organised the time-frame not Tenerife job trainning. I would recommend new arrivals should be given a copy of th...

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Yes, I am actually missing Tenerife and its beauties. I am glad to give you feedback about my experience while in Tenerife with TJT. I would say that the overall experience was great, I reall...

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Emmanuela from Ireland

Hello Teresa, I'm fine, thanks. yeah I'm really missing tenerife and all of its adventures. My work placement was fantastic, I got a lot of experince and knowledge which has helped me with most of ...

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Emily from Galway ireland

Hi Teresa I'm sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I have been very busy with college work, but I am finally finished!! As for Tenerife job training, I don't think you and Marivi could ha...

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Fanny form Sweden

You asked if I’m missing Tenerife. Since the day we arrived back to Sweden I have think about Tenerife every day and I’m also looking at pictures from Tenerife everyday. This 3 months trip to Ten...

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Tenerife Job Training work with students to provide them with quality internships programms at the best companies in the Canary Islands. Quality placements for tourism and hospitality students are offered by Tenerife Job Training, based in the south of Tenerife who has been receiving participants from Europe Mobility programms Erasmus Plus for more than 10 years now. We are part of a professional network of companies that like, FU or Animafest Experience help interns to study in Spain and learn Spanish.

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