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Cristiano from Portugal

A bit of my story:

I wanted to go to Tenerife because I could skate, surf, and work in the area that I´m studying which is Hotel management. I'm developing a master degree thesis about Architecture and Sustainable Universal Design in Hotels, which developed on an island with that geographic characteristics becomes a bigger challenge.
I did a lot of research and interviews with the accessible tourism operators, and also travelling in the island always with an eye in accessible tourist points of interest. To be true I didn't had many time because working most of the time 8 hours I had my time limited. But I think I have the necessary items to move on.

About the Hotel which I did the practices, I was very good welcomed and most of the workers there had a contribute to my learning. Unfortunately, the hotel wasn't in a good financial moment and that corrupt many things to work in the regular pace level. But, at the same time was even a bigger challenge to work and be creative about solutions.
My overall experience was good, I started on reception for 1 month (supposed to be 3 months), but then I realized the need of a Public Relations in the Hotel, so I directly talked to the Sub Director, who was very supportive and gave me that opportunity. I also did design works in the Restaurant (all the dishes of the menu in cards), Cocktail menus, Coffee menus and a bit of everything in design. In the last month I was P.R./Designer/D.J./Bar Assistant in the Premium bar. I can say I did a bit of everything on my reach and became very happy with learning and giving my contribute.

Last but not least, I believe TJT has a good structure and great people working there. You are supportive, organized and engaging people from all over the world, mixing cultures and good vibes with always some extra-curricular activities to feel like you are home in a distant island.
Things to improve: If you can check better the hotel conditions: In the last moth I was sharing a room with no more than 4 square meters with other intern, and we didn't had space for nothing and was really bad human conditions (Room 004). I think it did compromise my stay because it's too small for 2 people, even if we are interns we are not chickens of mass production. I knew the rooms were shared in the contract, that but that size was not acceptable.

Finnaly I wish you a good development of the company and best luck for the future, you are giving great opportunities to young people to learn and follow their dreams!

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