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Emily from Galway ireland

Hi Teresa I'm sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I have been very busy with college work, but I am finally finished!! As for Tenerife job training, I don't think you and Marivi could ha...

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Fanny form Sweden

You asked if I’m missing Tenerife. Since the day we arrived back to Sweden I have think about Tenerife every day and I’m also looking at pictures from Tenerife everyday. This 3 months trip to Ten...

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Peter The Best Entertainer

LIKES or UNLIKES and why about the company you have done your training. I was definitely satisfied with the hotel and its staff, where I done my training. Pepe, the main animation guy in Hovima Ja...

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Celine form Ireland

Hi Marivi Garcia and Teresa Martins This is email is about my internship in Tenerife, The company I interned at was TESTA salon de bellez in jardines del teida, I really enjoyed my time here as I...

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Lisa from Ireland Carnival training

From the moment you step off the plane Marivi becomes your mother,your aunty,your person abroad who will look after you like family.In my case she was like my big sister.Nothing is too big or too smal...

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Dawn from Ireland

I found both ladies Marivi and Teresa very good, they were available and helpful for every question and request could not fault how welcoming and helpful they are.. I worked in the La Siesta h...

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Helen from Ireland

I have to say your company was out standing with the effort and work that ye had put in to our work placement. Nammu Spa at the La Plantocion Hotel are amazing, their high standards of their treatmen...

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Olivia from Ireland

The trip home was good, I am happy to be home but I miss the warm weather. Loads of rain here. I really enjoyed my trip to Tenerife and my work placement. The spa I worked in, Iberostar Sensation...

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Aigul from Russia

Dear TJT i would like to say how much i am happy and grateful for amaizing experience in Tenerife! I had the best practice ever! I met wonderful people and now some of them my lovely friends! I worked...

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Emmeline from New Caledonia

Oui j'ai apprécier TENERIFE. *:) happy J'ai aussi aimer mon stage, l'hôtel ou j'ai travailler, les collègues qui ont était super sympa avec moi. Et qui m'ont accompagner pendant 5 mois dans le...

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Tenerife Job Training is an intermediary agency which aims to help students to find an internship in various companies in the Canary Islands, accompany the student during the whole stay, and make sure that the internship is in line with the needs and the expectative of the student. For more than 10 years, we have been receiving participants from the Erasmus program. Moreover, we also make part of a professional network of companies helping students to study in Spain and learn Spanish. Professional visits for teachers, K2 Erasmus Plus projects and adult education are also some of our areas of expertise.

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