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Johanna from Poland

I'm very glad I chose my internship in Administration and this hotel. First of all, I have learned a lot but it wasn't stressful. The schedule is perfect - from 8 to 16, Monday to Friday so all weekends are off, no afternoon/night shifts and that's a huge advantage. I have never had to stay longer, they've respected the schedule very much. People have been very friendly and always willing to help.

There is one, recently renovated cozy office, I've had my own desk, computer, all the things needed. 30 min lunch break from at 12:30 to 14:00pm, I could go whenever I wanted to. The atmosphere at the office was very nice, I have worked with two man, Fran, the chief od Administration department and Roberto, his co-worker. They are both very nice, funny and hard working and we got along very easily. The part of the work was accountancy, the other human resources and even if it sounds a bit scary for some people, there is nothing to be scared. It's not difficult at all.

Only one thing I would like to suggest you is that you should offer this internship only for Spanish speakers because the guys don't speak good English. For english speaking people I would recommend Reception. There is always a cooperation between administration and reception so I know them very well and I know the trainees there are very satisfied, too.

I have lived in Hovima Costa Adeje which is another hotel of Hovima Hotels placed aprox. 5-7 min. from La Pinta. I've had a nice, clean, well refurbished single room and I have had my own bathroom, tv, desk, wardrobe, WiFi for free. There is 8 rooms in the hall, in each of them live another trainees so its very easy to meet other people ;)

Summing up, I truly recommend the hotel (both actually). Lot of new things at the beginning but nothing to be worry about, everybody is able to do it :) The city is very lively - bars everywhere, clubs, all very touristic, a lot of people. 

Thank you and hasta pronto!

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